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Duke’s family firm banks $9.8M from WASA deals

Public Services Association (PSA) president Watson Duke has been challenged to come clean with his members and the nation about his wife’s company, Blackstone...

Prestige’s $18M loss explained

Fried chicken and coffee have proven to be winning products for Prestige Holdings even as the company’s finances take a significant hit in 2020. If...

Dirt dumped in river disrupts service to .3M WASA customers

After more than 300,000 customers had their water supply disrupted yesterday, the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has moved to take legal action against...

Farmer arrested for possession of a firearm and ammunition

A 42-year old farmer has been arrested by police after an AR-15 was found in a vehicle.According to police reports, based on...

TTPS opens new crime scene facility with help from the US government

The United States government has donated close to $750,000 to redevelop a crime scene simulation facility at the TTPS Academy.The US Embassy...