PNM must blame themselves for Food Card Programme problems

Former Social Development Minister, Christine Newallo-Hosein, says poor accountability and the potential for abuse has crept back into the Food Card Programme once more, and the Rowley Administration must take responsibility for that.

The Cumuto / Manzanilla MP told us that when she was social development minister, she had sought to put in place checks and balances to prevent food card abuse—such as means testing and biometric records—but these were dismantled when the PNM came into office.

PAWI Leader on recent church scandals: “Cannot be business as usual…”

Not everyone calling themselves pastor is a true man of God, and unfortunately when they fall, Peter pays for Paul, and Paul pays for all..."

That the view of Reverend Don Hamilton, National Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (PAWI), as he commented on two recent cases involving Pentecostal pastors under police scrutiny.

One man of God is facing charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment and trafficking in persons.

The other is under a police probe for his financial practices.

Chamber supports moves to make police officers accountable

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce says it is in support of moves to hold police officers accountable.

The statement follows the issuance of two letters from the Commissioner of Police to the Head of the Eastern Division, John Trim and former Head of the Northern Division Simbonath Rajkumar, calling on them to retire.

The Commissioner's letter cited poor performances.

The Chamber issued the following statement today.