Anthony Garcia

Minister: School as normal on September 7th

Education Minister Anthony Garcia says his ministry will be opening all schools on Friday 7th despite the planned action by TTUTA.

Minister Garcia is also asking teachers to remember their responsibility to their students.

He said he could not say if teachers could face disciplinary action but added that if it comes to that he will have to speak with the Chief Personnel Officer.

On Wednesday, TTUTA president Lynsley Doodhai advised parents of students to keep their children home on September 7th.

Garcia worried about students under 30%

Education Minister Anthony Garcia has mixed feelings about the 2018 Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination results.

“If I am to be truthful it is really with mixed feelings. I am happy at the performance of most of our students. In fact, the great majority of our students have done exceptionally well,” Garcia said yesterday when asked if he was pleased with the students’ overall performance.

However, Garcia said he was a “bit concerned” with the 2,500 students who scored below 30 per cent in the test, promising to reduce the figures.