INTERNATIONAL: New 'eRosary' bracelet launched by Vatican

The Vatican is hoping to pull in tech-savvy millennials and Gen Z with the launch of an "eRosary" bracelet.

October is the month of the Rosary.

The gadget, which costs US$109 (£85), can be worn as a bracelet and is activated by making the sign of a cross, similar to how Catholics begin praying the Rosary.

The project is part of the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network. It is connected to the "Click to Pray eRosary" app, which is designed to help Catholic users pray for world peace and contemplate the gospel.

Technology: Adobe thinks it can make your selfies a lot less ugly with this mystery app

Adobe has a tendency to show early demos of the technologies it’s working on but isn’t quite ready to launch publicly. The latest of these is a selfie app from Adobe Research the company outed on its YouTube channel earlier today.

The iOS app uses a number of the machine learning smarts the company has developed over the last few years and then applies them to selfies (or mobile portraits, as Adobe likes to call them).