Assault Rifle

High-powered AR15 assault rifle found in Belmont

Police have seized a high-powered AR15 assault Rifle, concealed in a crocus bag in Belmont.

The weapon was found in bushes at Serraneau Street, Belmont earlier today.

An AR-15 is a lightweight military-grade semi-automatic weapon.

It was designed above all else to be a lightweight assault rifle, and to fire lightweight, high-velocity small caliber cartridge which allows soldiers to carry more ammunition.

No one has been arrested in connection with the discovery.


Police seize assault rifle, ammunition & weed in Diego Martin

According to reports. officers of the Western Division Task Force under the supervision of Senior Superintendent Ramdhanie acted on information they received around 6am today, when they proceeded to a river bank on Davidson Drive, La Puerta.

The officers found a Russian-made assault rifle containing five rounds of ammunition along with 500 grams of marijuana.

No one arrested and inquiries are continuing.

In an unrelated incident, police have also arrested two from Bagatelle, Diego Martin, for possession of marijuana.

The men were arrested on Bagatelle Road.