Primary school students venture into galaxies far, far away

Students of St. Ursula’s Girls’ Anglican Primary School and Success Roman Catholic School were transformed into astronauts for the day as they embarked on a journey throughout the Milky Way and beyond – thanks to the Atlantic Ultimate Field Trip’s (AUFT) recent launch of the educational 3D film “Hidden Universe” at the Digicel IMAX© Cinema.

Nigerian appointed new CEO of Atlantic

Effective June 1 2018, LNG producer Atlantic, will transition to a new Chief Executive Officer.

The incumbent CEO, Nigel Darlow, has been at the helm since 2011 and during his tenure, has strengthened Atlantic’s position as a leading global LNG business, with his commitment and drive for excellence.

The company says that before returning to the United Kingdom in July, Darlow will remain in country to support the transition of the incoming CEO.

Trini sails solo across the Atlantic

On Friday 2nd February 2017, the motor yacht Passagemaker, crewed only by Peter Quentrall-Thomas, arrived in Chaguaramas after crossing the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Trinidad - a distance of nearly 3,000 miles, traversed non-stop in 19 days.

Passagemaker is 55 years old, constructed of 35 tons of Burmese teak.

Powered by a 30-year-old Ford diesel engine, she did not falter. The sails were not used once. At one point no ship was seen for 10 days.

Quentrall-Thomas, 71, says it was a personal challenge to make the crossing totally on his own.

British man arrives in T&T after rowing across Atlantic ocean

A British man who broke the world record for rowing across the Atlantic ocean, has arrived in Trinidad and Tobago.

Despite capsizing three times and suffering from a back injury, the Thanet man has set a new Guinness world record for rowing the Atlantic in the fastest time.

Mathew Bennett, from Westgate, completed the challenge in 50 days, 10hrs 36mins, beating the previous time of 52 days and raising more than £120,000 for the NSPCC with four other team members.