Ian Alleyne shows emptied-out house; says he'll raise $748,000 debt with supporters' help

Former Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne has posted a video to his Facebook page showing his Couva house emptied out after bailiffs removed furniture this morning for his failure to pay a court order for defamation.


Alleyne lost a defamation case against Shaun Sammy in December 2015 and the court ordered him to pay $600,000 plus legal costs. 

Bailiffs move in on Ian Alleyne for failing to pay $600,000 court order

A court marshall this morning enforced a writ of execution at the Couva home of former Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne, for failing to pay damages against him in Shaun Sammy vs Ian Alleyne defamation case. 

Several items, including a refrigerator, a bed and a television, were taken from Alleyne's home, which attorney Om Lalla says will be auctioned off.

If the money collected from the auction is not enough to meet the court order of $600,000 in damages plus legal costs, other assets will seized.

Lalla said Ian Alleyne was given enough time to pay Sammy.