Balisier House

Construction begins on new Balisier House

Construction of the new Balisier House - the headquarters of the People's National Movement - kicked off this morning. 

A post on PNM political leader and prime minister Dr Keith Rowley's Instagram page, shows Dr Rowley, deputy political leader Rohan Sinanan and general secretary Foster Cummings looking over the plans with the foreman of the project.

The post states that proceeds from the PNM's 10-car raffle go towards the construction of our new party headquarters. 

The final draw of the raffle is on Saturday 19th January.

PNM claims UNC using Facebook profiles to spread untruths and lies

The People's National Movement (PNM) Women’s League has issued a statement saying it wishes to draw the country’s attention to "a disturbing trend emerging from the UNC opposition and its financiers, that is, the use of social media and dissemination of false news to attack PNM members of parliament in the most vile and personal manner".