Central bandleaders seek police help for Carnival

A meet­ing among Ch­agua­nas Car­ni­val band­lead­ers and po­lice to iron out cru­cial is­sues pri­or to the fes­ti­val had to be called off as no of­fi­cers turned up on Wednes­day.

The band­lead­ers were left dis­ap­point­ed at the Ch­agua­nas Bor­ough Cor­po­ra­tion’s Ad­min­is­tra­tive Com­plex at Cum­ber­batch Street af­ter they wait­ing for an hour.

Among the is­sues the band­lead­ers want­ed to dis­cuss was the process to ob­tain spe­cial per­mits to use their ve­hi­cles on re­strict­ed routes.

SWAHA: Band leaders need to be more sensitive to emotions of population

The local arm of SWAHA says bandleaders need to acknowledge prevailing emotion in the population, before deciding on concepts for bands.

The organisation was responding to a recent controversy on the presentation of Brian MacFarlane's 2017 Carnival Band.

One section has been criticised for the use of clothing that resembles that used in the Hindu religion.

The following is SWAHA's statement.

"The recent controversy regarding the portrayal by a particular section of a Carnival band signals the need for greater awareness of the sensitivities of our population.