Beetham landfill

SWMCOL workers protest

Protesting SWMCOL workers have shut down operations at three of this country's major landfills.

The protest began early this morning outside all three landfills.

They are upset about stalled negotiations and low wages.

At the Beetham Landfill earlier today several garbage trucks were seen leaving with their pre-compressors full of garbage as the workers were not on site to dump the garbage.

During their protest, the workers said they feel disrespected by management and they are tired of the deplorable working conditions.

Baby's body found in Beetham landfill

Police are investigating the discovery of a baby's body at the Beetham landfill this morning.

The discovery was made about 8 am today by officials on the compound.

Besson street police officers and homicide detectives were called to the landfill after a worker discovered the body in a garbage bag.