Belmont Secondary School

Several Belmont Secondary School teachers stay away from classes

A number of teachers attached to the Belmont Secondary School did not show up for work today.

The Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) says it's because of health and safety issues.

A source told CNC3 that teachers face many issues at the school, one of them being violent students.

The source said that the teachers are afraid for their safety.

Minister of Education Anthony Garcia could not be reached this morning for comment.


Accident on Lady Young Road

The driver and passenger of a dump truck are nursing serious injuries after the vehicle ran off the Lady Young road and narrowly missed plunging into a school.

The accident occurred around 9:30 am near to the Hilton Trinidad.

Reports are the truck breached a steel barrier and drove a short way downhill landing between a bamboo patch and near the Belmont Secondary School.

A school block located nearest to the crash site was evacuated to ensure the safety of pupils.

The accident has to a major traffic pile-up in the area.

Exploding transformer leads to bush-fire near school

A transformer blew out this morning along the Belmont Circular Road, leading to a bush-fire next to the Belmont Secondary School.

Eyewitnesses say the explosion caused wires to fall to the ground, one of which ignited dry shrubbery in an empty lot next to the school.


It also caused electricity to go in the area.

The fire spread up the hill close to the Lady Young Road but fire-fighters were eventually able to get the fire under control.