Brian Smith

Defense Force says it's not to blame in fisherman's death

The Defense Force is seeking to defend its soldiers against allegations that they contributed to the death of fisherman Brian Smith. 

Smith drowned over the weekend but his relatives say members of the Defense Force had a part to play in his death. 

Speaking to CNC3's The Morning Brew, Civil Military Affairs Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force, Major Al Alexander says that allegation is not in keeping with the information he received. 

Police launch investigation into death of Carenage fisherman

An official police investigation has been launched into the death of 30-year-old fisherman Brian Smith and the police service is giving the assurance that there will be no cover-up of any wrong doing. 

According to autopsy results, Smith drowned but his relatives allege that several soldiers had a role to play in this death. 

CNC3 has been informed that Inspector Hospedales of the Carenage Police Station has been assigned to the case and over the next few days officers will be interviewing Smith's relatives, eyewitnesses and the soldiers allegedly involved.