New bridge not affected by incident on Curepe Interchange site—NIDCO

As works continue on the Curepe Interchange, one driver is said to have ignored the height restrictions while approaching the work site.

Reports indicate that the driver of the truck ignored the height restriction, even after being told that he could not continue beyond a particular point at Valsayn before the Interchange.

Reports are that the truck driver attempted to manoeuvre the truck beneath the temporary height restriction barrier and the barrier collapsed after the truck came into contact with it, while another approaching vehicle was hit by the falling barrier.

Princes Town bridge set on fire

A wood­en bridge along the Buen In­ten­to Road in Princes Town was set on fire ear­ly this morn­ing. The bridge has since been cor­doned off and mo­torists are be­ing di­rect­ed to use al­ter­na­tive routes.

Ju­nior Seep­er­sad, who lives in the area, said: “This morn­ing I had a make a de­tour which took 45 min­utes more for me to reach to work. There are chil­dren who could not go to school this morn­ing be­cause they could not cross the bridge. Peo­ple could not go to work. It is re­al­ly an in­con­ve­nience now.”

Temporary road closure for bridge repair in St Joseph

The Ministry of Works and Transport is advising that Bridge B1/1 on the Maracas Royal Road, St Joseph will be temporarily closed on Thursday 12th July, 2018 at 9 am.

The ministry says this is necessary to facilitate the reconstruction of Bridge B1/1 Maracas Bridge Royal Road, St Joseph.

In light of the above, it is advising of the following traffic arrangements:-

1. Motorists shall proceed one-way south ONLY on Riverside Road, between Sellier Street and Eastern Main Road

Several people killed as bridge collapses in Florida

Multiple' people are dead after a new pedestrian bridge being constructed at Florida International University in the United States collapsed.

Florida Highway Patrol has confirmed several people were killed by the collapse.

Helicopter vision over the collapsed bridge shows emergency workers scrambling to search for people trapped in their cars beneath the rubble and cordon off the road from other drivers.

At least six cars are trapped, with some of the vehicles seen either partly or fully wedged beneath the massive concrete structure.

Gov't opens bridge linking Covigne and Spaniol Roads in Diego Martin

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government has officially opened a new bridge that links Covigne and Spaniol Roads in Diego Martin.

Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Diego Martin West Dr Keith Rowley hailed the new bridge as value for money because he said it went out for competitive bids.

“As we improve things one by one, we improve the community. I know many residents who are happy to have this bridge. It may look like a small project, but in this current situation for the country, a project at this cost is not a small project.”