Wildfire now deadliest in California's history

Firefighters struggled to contain the most deadly and destructive wildfire in California history Tuesday while mobile coroner's teams combed the incinerated remains of a once thriving town and its environs looking for more victims of the carnage.

The historic blaze raging 90 miles north of Sacramento has claimed at least 42 lives, and dozens of people remain unaccounted for. More than 6,400 homes were destroyed by the fast-moving Camp Fire blaze, many in Paradise, a community of 27,000 people.

“This is an unprecedented event,” Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said.

International: Death toll climbs to 25 in California fires

California firefighters are embarking on exhaustive search-and-rescue operations for survivors and the remains of victims killed in massive wildfires as the death toll climbed to 25.

More than 100 are still missing after a wildfire engulfed 164 sq miles of northern California.

Many of those residents could still be found alive, Butte County sheriff Kory Honea said, as his department initially received over 500 calls about missing loved ones. 

International: California murder suspect raises $65 million bail

A California woman suspected of murdering the father of her two children is hoping to be released from prison after raising $65m (£52m) bail.

Tiffany Li, 31, posted $4m in cash and pledged $61m in property, raised from a group of friends, family and business associates, the Associated Press said.

The bail had been set at $35m, but California courts require double the amount if property is used.

Her lawyer said she was "well-liked in the community", the LA Times reported.

World: "Webbed-toed" woman found in California tells police she's a mermaid

Police in California have been left puzzled after finding a self-declared "mermaid" wandering the streets.

The woman is said to have "webbed-toes".

The bizarre story was carried by several well-known news agencies, including the UK Independent, the Daily Mail, USA Today, CBS News and the New York Post.

Reports indicate that the "mostly naked woman" who gave her name as Joanna, told police she was a mermaid before she was taken to the hospital in the city of Fresno on Tuesday.

Internationally: Jamie Foxx saves man from burning car outside his California home

Actor Jamie Foxx has been praised for saving a man who was trapped in a burning truck.

Brett Kyle's pick-up went off the road and rolled over into a ditch close to Foxx's California home.

Foxx said the truck became engulfed in flames "within five seconds" after he got the driver out.

"I don't look at it as heroic", he told reporters, "I just look at it like, you know, you just had to do something. And it all just worked out.''

The Oscar-winning actor said he heard the crash from his house and called 911 before running to the scene.