Police warn of cheque fraud

The Police Service is advising custodians of cheque books to be vigilant when issuing cheques and securing them when not in use.

This follows eight persons being arrested and charged with a total of 42 fraud offences by officers of the Fraud Squad between the period January 1st 2019 and February 8th 2019, arising out of a new fraud scheme, involving the use of fraudulent cheques drawn on the accounts of various financial institutions and Government departments.

Ministry denies flood-relief cheque-distribution halted

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services says the distribution of disaster relief cheques have not been halted.

The cheques are for those affected by flooding on October 19th and 20th. 

The ministry says cheques have already been distributed to residents of central Trinidad, including places such as Kelly Village, St Helena, Madras, Warrenville and El Carmen.

The ministry says a further 620 cheques were ready for distribution at 12 pm today and that affected persons will be advised via telephone when and where the cheques will be distributed.


Fraudsters attempt to cash over $400,000 in "WASA" cheques

The Water and Sewerage Authority is warning of an attempt by fraudsters to relieve WASA of over $400,000.

The Authority issued the following statement today:

"The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has been informed of the presentation of fraudulent cheques to a certain banking institution, purporting to be issued by the Authority, resulting in the encashment of cheques to the value of $416,395.50.