UNC deputy political leader says finance minister misleading the population

UNC deputy political leader David Lee is accusing finance minister Colm Imbert of misleading the population.

According to the Pointe-a-Pierre MP, the minister's comment that the recent downgrade by Standard and Poor's was as a result of inaccurate data provided by the energy ministry is erroneous.

He says according to a release issued by the international credit rating agency, the company did take into consideration the fact that this country would be experiencing increases in oil and gas production.

Finance Minister expects 1.8% economic growth

Finance Minister Colm Imbert says latest data shows that T&T’s economic growth is now projected to be between 1.5 and 1.8 per cent based on better than expected increases in natural gas production. He said this is consistent with figures given by Standard and Poors in its latest credit rating of the country.

For the last three years, production of gas in the first half of the year generally turned out to be greater than production in the second half. However, there was a turnaround in the latter half of 2017, with a significant increase in gas production.