Facebook, Instagram down for millions around the world

Having trouble accessing Facebook or Instagram on Wednesday afternoon? You weren't alone. 

The massively popular social network went down early afternoon with issues popping up across Facebook proper, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. 

As with nearly every Facebook outage, users headed to Twitter with the hashtag #facebookdown quickly becoming the top trending topic in the United States. 

'Facebook' bandits held by police

The reign of three teenaged ban­dits, whom po­lice said lured their vic­tims to a lone­ly area by false­ly ad­ver­tis­ing a car of sale on Face­book, end­ed on Thurs­day when they were ar­rest­ed.

Po­lice said the three men, who ages are 18 and 19, were held by San Fer­nan­do and Mon Re­pos CID of­fi­cers dur­ing Op­er­a­tion Strike back. A re­port stat­ed that af­ter weeks of in­quiries, a team in­clud­ing Sgt Di­noo, Cpl Bac­chus and Cpl Nanan went to an area in La Ro­maine that is known for crim­i­nals ac­tiv­i­ties and held the sus­pects.

Woman to pay $75,000 for false Facebook post

A prison officer, who was falsely accused of abandoning her three children on social media, has won over $75,000 in compensation for defamation.

Delivering a 39-page judgment in this country’s second social media defamation case earlier this month, High Court Margaret Mohammed ruled that Ama Charles defamed the prison officer in a Facebook post made on January 24, 2016.

The officer’s name was withheld by this newspaper to protect the identities of her children, who are minors, and to avoid the republication of the defamatory statement made against her.

Judge finds woman guilty of libel stemming from her Facebook posts

Be careful what you post on social media.

This as Justice Frank Seepersad has delivered a landmark judgment in the San Fernando Court in relation to social media posts.

A woman who published defamation claims about a family on Facebook, will now have to compensate her victims.

This morning Justice Seepersad ruled that Jenelle Burke made a series of unsubstantiated libellous statements that caused the family to suffering “shame and embarrassment” since those statements were false and may have been seen by thousands

Volney takes to Facebook to represent CEPEP workers

Former Justice Minister Herbert Volney has taken to his personal Facebook page to represent CEPEP workers in his community.

Volney, who was a High Court judge before becoming a minister, compares the salaries of the CEPEP workers to that of a judge.

Volney posted the following on Facebook:

"Hey friends. It's the end of another week and today I wear the CEPEP colours as I've been very close to this group of workers in the constituency of St Joseph. 

Today is Friday at the end of our fortnight.