Video: Female student tussles with male police officers and the reason is more cause for concern

A video of a female school student tussling with two police officers is being circulated extensively on social media and the reason for the tussle is even more alarming.

The conflict, according to eyewitnesses, stemmed from the police's attempt to ensure the safety of the student.

The identity of the student cannot be shared since she is legally a minor.

According to reports, police officers were on patrol in Port-of-Spain when they observed the student in the company of a man outside a clothing store.

Video of women fighting after Sunday night boat party circulates online

Another "fight" video is circulating on social media, this time among women, with the inclusion of at least one man.

But while several similar videos that went viral this year were of students, this one is of adults fighting after an all-white boat party on Sunday night.

It followed the event known as 'Ciroc the Boat', which is considered a high-end event, held on the Harbor Master.


The fight took place in the car park where the boat docks in Cocorite.

Bunji fights with US entertainer over prank gone wrong

A video has been posted to the Instagram account of Soca artiste Ian "Bunji Garlin" Alvarez, showing him getting into a fight with US entertainer Trevor "Queenzflip" Robinson who was apparently trying to pull a prank on Bunji's wife, Fay Ann Alvarez, in her hotel bathroom.

But both men are making it clear, that they have since worked things out.

The video shows Queenzflip, as he is more popularly known, holding his head, which is bleeding, and repeatedly saying "it's a joke" as Bunji Garlin enters the room asking, "What is this?"