Maurice Douglas

Three murders in twelve hours

Three people have been killed in less than twelve hours. CNC3 news understands that around 7.30 pm yesterday Maurice Douglas was outside his mother’s business place in Edinburgh 500 when he was shot several times.
Twenty-eight-year-old Douglas died on the scene, his body bore several gunshot wounds.
In the second incident, a man identified as Jeremy was in a house at Malge-Toute road, Princes Town. Police say he was in the company of a female friend identified as Kia James when gunmen stormed the house.

Murder in Edinburgh

A 28-year-old man is now dead after being shot and killed outside his Edinburgh home on Monday evening.

According to reports, the vicitm identified as Maurice Douglas was shot several times about the body by a lone gunman around 7:30 pm.

Upon hearing the gunshots, his mother Janice Douglas rushed outside only to discover her son's motionless body.

A man wearing a mask, red and white jersey and three quarter jeans with a firearm fled the scene and made good his escape.

A post mortem is expected to take place at the st james forensic science center today.