Court merciful to Venezuelan who entered country illegally to buy food

Unable to get food to feed his three children as his country remains in turmoil, a Venezuelan man sneaked into the country on a boat to buy food, but was caught and charged for entering the country illegally.

After Luis Benitez, 34,  explained his situation yesterday, San Fernando Fourth Court Magistrate Indira Missir-Gosine gave him a chance and reprimanded and discharged him.  This means that no conviction will be recorded against him.

The charge laid by Cpl Howard alleged that on Friday April 21 he illegally entered T&T.

President Carmona points to "mercy and forgiveness" in Easter message

President Anthony Carmona is calling for mercy and forgiveness to pervade in this Easter season.

The following is the President's Easter message:

"Easter is a time of genuine inclusivity, spiritual rebirth and regeneration. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ bears the underlying motif of rebirth, renewal and eternal hope.

"Love, we must all share with each other in the spirit of our humanity whether you are agnostic, atheist, a non-believer, a doubting Thomas or a non-Christian.