Outrage over slaughter of turtle in Balandra

"Brutal & Babaric!"

That's how Stacy Gatcliffe describes the discovery of the remains of a dead turtle in Balandra.

In a Facebook post, Gatcliffe says mother turtles coming up onto our beaches to lay their eggs, totally unaware that blood-thirsty humans are waiting to ambush them for a meal.

The post included several photos of a dead turtle, including some graphic ones showing the guts of the dead animal.

Outrage over light sentence for pervert

The 40-days jail sentence handed down to Darren Julien for exposing himself to pupils of the Anstey Memorial School in San Fernando, has sparked outrage on social media with citizens saying that the sentence was too light. However, according to criminal attorneys Subhas Panday and Kevin Ratiram, that is the law—the maximum penalty for a person who wilfully and obscenely exposes himself imprisonment is two months imprisonment with hard labour.