PNM Women's League

PNM Women’s League blames UNC for flood attack on MP Hinds

The Women’s League of the People’s National Movement says it strongly condemns the actions of those who they say sought to disrespect MP Fitzgerald Hinds and Councillor Akil Audain during their walk-through of flooded areas in Beetham Gardens on Tuesday.
The Women’s League says it is appalled that such indiscretion would be shown in a time of disaster.
They question whether those who committed the act even took the time to consider that there were some Beetham residents who genuinely required assistance.

PNM Women's League slams President's choice of Dr Kriyaan Singh as an Independent Senator

The PNM's Women's League is taking issue with the decision by President Anthony Carmona, to appoint Dr Kriyaan Singh as an Independent Senator saying he has demonstrated open bias against the PNM and its political leader Dr Keith Rowley.

The PNM's Women's League issued this statement today:

"The People's National Movement (PNM) Women’s League wishes to register its strong objection to the reported decision of President Anthony Carmona to appoint, even temporarily, Dr Kriyaan Singh as an Independent Senator.