Port of Spain

Bank rush for new $100 notes

Hundreds of people swarmed banks in Port of Spain this morning, standing in line from early as 7 am.

This, as various financial institutions begin exchanging the old $100 bill for the new polymer note, which was launched yesterday.

The public has 21 days, including today, to go into the banks and exchange their currency because—as of January 1st, 2020—the old bills will be useless.

Announcing the change last week, government officials said it is being done quickly as a national security measure.

Licensing Office has reopened

The Licensing Office located at Wrightson Road in Port of Spain is back open today, after being closed for the last two days.

In a statement, the Ministry of Works and Transport advised that the Port of Spain Licensing Office resumed regular business operations and will operate within regular hours, namely 8am to 4pm.

The office was closed on Tuesday to facilitate ongoing maintenance work at the facility.

Recently, workers at the Licensing Office complained that they were being affected by a sewer problem.



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One Arrested, Firearms & Ammo Seized in Besson Street Exercises

A  20-year-old  suspect  remains  in  police  custody following several  anti-crime  exercises  conducted  in  the  Besson  Street  policing district yesterday, during which two  firearms, along  with  over  50  rounds  of  ammunition,  were  seized.

Licensing Office remained closed today

The Licensing Office in Port of Spain remained closed today.

According to workers and the union, the sewage problem on the compound was not fixed.

First Vice President of the Public Service Association (PSA), Ian Murray, said workers showed up to work this morning but refused to work because of the open sewer. 

Murray said they expect to meet with the Transport Commissioner on the compound to discuss the issue soon.

On Thursday, staff walked off the compound after raw sewerage was found to be leaking and the toilets stopped working.

THE LATEST: Explosion at Government Plaza Parkade

At about 11am today, a home-made battery operated device exploded on the 12th floor of the Government Plaza Parkade between Richmond and Edward Streets.

Guardian Media understands the explosion was a minor one, which caused smoke to fill the facility’s elevator and elevator shaft.  This resulted in the elevator being out of service for most of the day.

Reports are that even though the event was reported to the Parkade Management, the threat was not taken seriously.

UPDATE: Explosion at Government Plaza Parkade

Fire officials have confirmed that there was an explosion on the 12th floor of the Government Plaza Parkade between Richmond and Edward streets shortly after 11am.

Fire officials said the explosion occurred at 11:05 a.m.

Officials told Guardian Media this morning's explosion took place in "a confined area," of the Parkade and they called in the Trinidad and Tobago Bomb Unit to the scene to determine the cause of the explosion.

Earthquake recorded this morning

UWI’s Seismic Research Centre has documented an earthquake of magnitude 5.1 on the Richter scale, at 4:11 this morning, at the north-eastern tip of Venezuela.

The earthquake was situated at latitude: 10.75 north, and longitude: 62.20 west. It was at a depth of 10 km.

For Trinidadians, the quake was located 77 km west of Port of Spain; 99 km north west of San Fernando; and 102 km west of Arima.



Story content and image courtesy UWI SEISMIC RESEARCH CENTRE

Teachers protest in San Fernando today

Scores of teachers are promising to take to the streets of this afternoon in protest of salary negotiations, this time in San Fernando.

The teachers were expected to assemble at the Harris Promenade by noon.

In October, hundreds of teachers deserted classes to express their dissatisfaction over the Chief Personnel Officer's failure to begin salary negotiations for the period 2014 to 2017. That protest took place in Port of Spain.

Some water taxi sailings cancelled again today


For the second day in a row, there was no water taxi service from San Fernando, this morning.

The Water Taxi Service had issued an advisory in its social media, indicating there would be no sailing out of San Fernando at 6:15, this morning.

It also advised there won't be a sailing at 4:30 out of Port of Spain, this afternoon.

A PTSC bus service was made available for passengers holding tickets on the affected sailings.

The Water Taxi Service also assured that all other sailings remained as scheduled.