Chief Justice backs down on sabbatical leave

Chief Justice Ivor Archie has backed down on his decision to pursue a sabbatical leave but will instead take vacation leave to pursue his studies in the United States.

The Chief Justice issued a statement to this regard Wednesday afternoon, one day before the prime minister was due to pronounce on the matter.

The following is the Chief Justice's statement.

Thomas-Felix: I’m not CJ’s sponsor

Industrial Court President Deborah Thomas-Felix is denying she is a sponsor or collaborator in the research which Chief Justice Ivor Archie will be pursuing in the United States.

In fact, she said yesterday she was “surprised” when she saw newspaper articles with details of the sabbatical and her name listed as a supervisor. She also said the labour research listed in the CJ’s application was not the topic which he will be embarking on.

Justice Gobin slams CJ's sabbatical

Outspoken High Court Judge Carol Gobin says Chief Justice Ivor Archie has brought the judiciary into such “disrepute” and to a place in its history that has left it and judges so “battered, ashamed and demoralised,” he should resign.

She also says as far as she can recall, there was no adoption of the draft internal policy to facilitate sabbatical leave and a such, if Archie is not entitled to sabbatical leave under the law, if he goes as planned it may “constitute an abandonment of his office.” (See page A5)