T&T Express now cleared for one sailing on Sunday

Following an notice of the cancellation of sailings due to rough seas this weekend, the Trinidad & Tobago Inter-Island Transportation Company (TTITC) now says there will be one sailing, on Sunday.

The T&T Express will sail from Port-of-Spain on Sunday 25th February at 2 pm, the statement said.

Earlier the had announced that rough sea condition had forced it to cancel sailings this weekend.

Weekend ferry sailings cancelled because of rough seas

All sailings of the T&T Express have been cancelled this weekend as a result of the Rough Seas bulletin issued by the Met Office.

The Trinidad & Tobago Inter-Island Transportation Company (TTITC) has issued a statement to remind the public that at this time of the year the sea conditions can impact on the sailing schedule as, from time to time, the wave heights are predicted to be in excess of the acceptable 3 metres for the passenger vessels.

Trini sails solo across the Atlantic

On Friday 2nd February 2017, the motor yacht Passagemaker, crewed only by Peter Quentrall-Thomas, arrived in Chaguaramas after crossing the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Trinidad - a distance of nearly 3,000 miles, traversed non-stop in 19 days.

Passagemaker is 55 years old, constructed of 35 tons of Burmese teak.

Powered by a 30-year-old Ford diesel engine, she did not falter. The sails were not used once. At one point no ship was seen for 10 days.

Quentrall-Thomas, 71, says it was a personal challenge to make the crossing totally on his own.

Ferry sailing schedule changes because of rough seas

The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago and Trinidad and Tobago Inter-island Transportation Company Limited (TTIT) is advising that due to the Rough Seas Bulletin issued by the Meteorological Office, the sailings of the T&T Express from POS have been amended, until further notice, to depart at 2 pm instead of 3.30 pm as initially scheduled.

A statement by the TTIT says the Sunday sailings from Tobago will depart at 8.30 am instead of 9.30 am as scheduled.

Another ferry sailing cancelled this morning

More ferry sailings between Trinidad and Tobago has been cancelled.

The 6.30 sailing from Port-of-Spain was cancelled this morning and the return sailing from Tobago is also cancelled.

The Port Authority said in a statement:

"Tuesday 16th May - the 6.30am sailing from POS and the 4.00pm sailing from TGO have been cancelled due to mechanical issues with the vessel, T&T Express. Any inconvenience caused is regretted."

The T&T Express was taken off service from Friday to Sunday leaving only the T&T Spirit in service.

Inter-island cargo vessel 'Super Fast Galicia' to stop sailing on Good Friday

This country has lost the use of its only designated inter-island cargo ferry, the Super Fast Galicia. The Super Fast Galicia’s last day of sailing will take place on Good Friday (April 14) before it is returned to its owner, Trasmed.

Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan yesterday confirmed that the country was served two weeks notice that Trasmed would be terminating the contract with respect to the Super Fast Galicia.

Trasmed has already included the Super Fast Galicia in its schedule from as early as next month.