San Fernando General Hospital

Patients told to bring their own blood glucose monitors and strips to San Fernando General Hospital

Patients at the San Fernando General Hospital are now being advised to bring their own blood glucose monitor to the hospital.

Patients planning to seek treatment at the hospital will have to walk with not only the strips to test blood glucose levels, but the monitor machine itself.

This as the Southwest Regional Health Authority confirms that the hospital does not have these supplies in stock and may not for at least another month. 

Still no chemo at Sando

Despite promises from Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh that chemotherapy services would resume at the San Fernando General Hospital, 15 patients who were scheduled for chemotherapy sessions were again turned away yesterday.

A batch of chemotherapy drugs mixed at the St James Medical Complex was expected to be sent down to the centre yesterday, but sources say this was not done.

Following a meeting with staff, a decision was taken to call all 15 patients and cancel the appointments. However, 40 people who came to the centre for blood test reviews received assistance.

Cancer patients turned away from San Fernando hospital amid water problems

For a second consecutive day, cancer patients seeking chemotherapy at the San Fernando General Hospital’s Oncology Centre were turned away yesterday because there was no water to facilitate treatment.

Dozens of terminally ill patients who came from across the country seeking treatment were told the facility had no water and treatments could not be carried out. 

Former PM in "stable" condition

Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning continues to be in stable condition.

Today his wife Mrs. Hazel Manning posted a message on his Facebook page saying "Mr Manning's condition continues to be stable.

He is reasonably comfortable, chatty,and jocular. We await final results of tests to confirm and manage the underlying cause of his illness.

Please continue to keep him in your prayers."

Mr. Manning was admitted to hospital on Monday night for an anomaly in his blood count. 


Former PM "comfortable" at hospital


And we bring just a quick update on former Prime Minister Patrick Manning, who was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital on Monday, after experiencing some complications following a dental procedure. 

Today, Mrs. Hazel Manning posted a short note on social media saying "Mr. Manning had a restful night at the hospital . He is still comfortable and affable. Let us continue to pray for the complete restoration of his health."

UPDATE: Former Prime Minister resting comfortably after being hospitalised

Former Prime Minister Mr. Patrick Manning has been hospitalised.

According to a post which appeared on his Facebook page, Mrs. Manning was quoted saying, Mr.  Manning was admitted to hospital last evening for investigation concerning an aberration in his blood count. 

Mr. Manning is resting comfortably and is in good spirits. We continue to pray for him.