Pommecythere thief fined $3,000

A 45-year-old man will have to pay $3,000 in fines or spend four months in prison, after he was arrested and charged for praedial larceny-related offences.

Ave James of Malabar, Arima appeared before Arima Third Court Magistrate Gill on Monday, where he pleaded guilty to the charges.

The court heard that around 11:30 am on Saturday, officers of the Praedial Larceny Squad received a call that a man was seen in cultivated lands on Andrew Lane D'abadie, picking pommecythere with a rod.

Officer rewarded for good deed

A Port of Spain Magistrate has ordered that a $500 reward be given to Constable McLean of the Transit Police Unit after he chased after a thief and recovered a stolen cellphone on Wednesday. The defendant, 19-year-old Keno Stewart of Village Council Street Laventille was placed on a $20, 000 bond to keep the peace for two years after he pleaded guilty to the offence of larceny of the person.