Muslims welcome talks with PM

Muslim leaders yesterday welcomed Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s invitation for talks to clear up any misinformation related to the Carnival terror threat.

Imam Nazim Mohammed, of Masjid Umar Ibn Khattab Jamaat in Rio Claro, whose daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren travelled to war torn Iraq in 2015, said the meeting is urgently needed.

“It’s a good idea. It’s the only way we can know what is going on and for the country to return to normalcy because everyone is in a state of fear,” he said.

Alleged threat against interim UNC Senator and Members' Club Vice-President

The Vice-President of the Union of Members’ Clubs and Lottery Workers has allegedly received a death threat.

Sean Clarke, who is expected to speak in the Senate later today, says he received mail this morning stating, "Traitor you speak you die". 

Last week members of the Trinidad and Tobago Members Club Association met with officials of the Finance Ministry to discuss the proposed 100% increase in gaming taxes. 

The outcome of the meeting has been described as disheartening by many stakeholders. 

The move is expected to leave hundreds on the breadline. 

PM: No evidence that ISIS threat is realistic

Prime Minister and Head of the National Security Council, Dr Keith Rowley says national security personnel have not determined that the recording of an alleged ISIS threat is realistic.

The Prime Minister was asked to comment on the issue at today's post-Cabinet news conference.

"What we do know is that it has not been determined that it is something that has an origin that can be identified as realistic," he said. 

Malls deploy extra security following recordings of alleged ISIS threat

Despite mixed emotions about an ISIS threat to detonate bombs at a mall in T&T, mall management teams yesterday went ahead and increased security measures in a bid to protect their tenants, shoppers and visitors.

At The Falls at West Mall, Westmoorings, a source told the T&T Guardian all delivery doors were tightly shut and locked and each tenant was given special contact numbers to call when their respective delivery vans came to drop off goods. This was one type of security measure that was immediately implemented.

National Security Minister: "Keep calm. Don't be guided by rumours of ISIS threat"

A statement from the Ministry of National Security is describing as "rumours" allegations of a possible ISIS threat at malls this coming weekend.

The Ministry has issued a statement, which also condemns the murders of two national security personnel this morning.

The following is the statement from the Ministry of National Security:

Griffith hits out at authorities for "silence" over alleged ISIS threat

Former National Security Minister, Gary Griffith, is hitting out at authorities for their silence over audio recordings alleging that ISIS operatives plan to bomb malls in Trinidad and Tobago this weekend.

Griffith issued the following statement today:

"A new trend has emerged of “advisories” being passed and even becoming viral, on various matters through social media on a regular basis.