Five detained by police following rescue of kidnapped Venezuelan woman

Five suspects are now in police custody following swift investigative work by the police service to rescue a 23-year-old Venezuelan National who was reported kidnapped from the Chaguanas district, on July 29th 2018.

According to police reports, a friend of the victim made a report to the Chaguanas Police Station, around 9:00 am, on the 1st August 2018, about the alleged kidnapping, after demands were made for information on the whereabouts of two individuals over money, in exchange for her safe return.

Dillon: Fishermen don't seem ready to leave Venezuela at this time

National Security Minister Edmund Dillon says it appears that the three fishermen who were captured by the Guardia National and taken to Venezuela, do not appear as though they want to come back home at this time.

He told today's post-Cabinet media conference that the Government has been making all effort for their safe return but that the men do not seem to want to accept it.

"I have a sense that there is no urgency. I have a sense that they are comfortable. It is up to them when they are ready to come home," he told the media.

Shot Venezuelan woman on gun, ammo charges

A 21-year-old Venezuelan woman, who was wounded in an alleged shoot-out with police in Diego Martin last week, has appeared in court charged with firearm and ammunition possession.

Monika Jerez-Gonzalez, a law student, was not called upon to plead to the charges when she appeared before Magistrate Rehanna Hosein in the Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ court less than 24 hours after she was discharged from hospital.

Jerez-Gonzalez was charged with being in possession of a Smith and Wesson .38 pistol and a quantity of ammunition.

Venezuelan National Charged with possession of ammunition

A Venezuelan national exected to appear in court today charged with possession of ammunition.

The following is a press release from the TTPS:

A Venezuelan national is expected to appear before a San Fernando Magistrate today, charged with possession of a quantity of ammunition. 

Five Venezuelans arrested

Five Venezuelans were among six people arrested by police following an anti-crime exercise in South Trinidad. 

The following is a statement by the TTPS:

Five Venezuelan nationals, were among six persons arrested and two revolvers and ammunition seized, by officers of the Central Division Task Force, during an anti-crime exercise in the Penal district, this morning.

Court merciful to Venezuelan who entered country illegally to buy food

Unable to get food to feed his three children as his country remains in turmoil, a Venezuelan man sneaked into the country on a boat to buy food, but was caught and charged for entering the country illegally.

After Luis Benitez, 34,  explained his situation yesterday, San Fernando Fourth Court Magistrate Indira Missir-Gosine gave him a chance and reprimanded and discharged him.  This means that no conviction will be recorded against him.

The charge laid by Cpl Howard alleged that on Friday April 21 he illegally entered T&T.

Police arrest Venezuelan teenager with gun, ammunition

Police have arrested a Venezuelan teenager with a Baretta pistol and several rounds of ammunition.

It's one of several arrests made in the last 24 hours for various offences.

The following is a statement from the Police Service on their operations.

Venezuelan women held then released in massive operation in South Trinidad

Police temporary detained two Venezuelan women during a massive raid in Marabella and Venezuela, but eventually released them after they were able to produce proper documentation.

More than 250 law enforcement agents, including police officers, army personnel, Customs and Immigration officials and members of the Coast Guard, have been conducting an exercise that started around 3am today.

The officers have been checking several living quarters and business establishments. 

Among those detained, were two Venezuelan women who were held in a motel in Marabella.