Five people found drinking at Bar in Valencia were arrested and charged for consuming alcoholic beverages on bar premises.

One of the five had an additional charged slapped on him for resisting arrest.

The five arrested men appeared before a Sangre Grande magistrate in the Sangre Grande First Court, via virtual conferencing.

They all appeared before Magistrate Brambhanan Dubay.

Those arrested and charged for consuming alcohol beverages at the Valencia Bar were; Sylvester Castillo who was also charged with resisting arrest, Irwin Dedier, Sanjay Ajodha, Dennis Garcia and Vikash Charles all of Valencia.

The charges were laid by PCs Gooding, Garcia and Williams of Valencia Police Post.

Police assigned to Valencia Police post led by Sgt Keith Castro Leon and other officers were on mobile patrol in the area, when they observed the five men drinking at the bar.

The officers went to the men in the bar and asked them if they were aware that they are committing an offence contrary to the COVID-19 Public Health regulations.

The men reportedly argued with the officers, which also led to their arrests.