UNC General Secretary Dave Tancoo.

Gail Alexander

Citizens are under siege by criminals in Oropouche West and all citizens’ lives are more valuable than the Prime Minister’s peacock, UNC Oropouche West Dev Tancoo argued yesterday. He said, “The residents of Tulsa Trace, San Francique recently highlighted that they are living in fear due to an upsurge of crime in their neighbourhoods.”

“Crime is not acceptable! Our citizens’ lives are infinitely more valuable than peacocks,” he added referring to the Prime Minister’s deceased peacock whose demise police were said to be probing.

Tancoo added, “Within the past six months there has been a significant spike in break-ins and home invasions that have left the residents terrified for the safety of their families and properties. In response, they have been forced to protect their homes and their neighbours through community watch groups.”

Tancoo said recent escalation in home invasions and robberies of businesses is now rampant throughout the constituency affecting everyone.

“Police officers have publicly complained about not having sufficient resources including personnel and equipment to allow them to deal effectively with the growing criminal threat. “

“The blame for this rests squarely at the feet of the Government. Minister of National Security Stuart Young and the Prime Minister as the Head of the National Security Council who needs to get his priorities right and to heed the call of the police officers who are in dire need of resources to deal with the crime surge in the country.”

“Oropouche West needs additional patrols, more police officers and more vehicles to enhance visibility, crime prevention, detection and prosecution.

UNC MP Saddam Hosein also called on Government to provide ample safety measures to protect prison officers. This after the murder of officer Sherwin Francis, West “I call on the Minister of National Security to take the required steps to ensure the safety of these officers who risk their lives and the lives of their families on a daily basis in national service. The safety of our prison officers are of utmost priority and importance to the security of our country.”