The Telecommunications Authority of T&T (TATT) has donated 800 ICT devices for students to the Ministry of Education.

TATT chairman Gilbert Peterson SC formally presented the devices to Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Education at a ceremony at TATT’s Barataria office. Within the next few weeks, 9,200 more devices will be handed over to the ministry bringing the total to 10,000.

Minister Gadsby Dolly said the transformation of education is an iterative process—not everything will come at once.

Minister in the Ministry of Public Administration and Digital Transformation Hassell Bacchus, who also spoke at the event, said the devices will bring significant change to the lives of many students and parents. He added that the collaborative relationship among providers as well as private and public sector bodies is key to achieving success to ensure “no one is left behind.”

The acquisition of these devices was announced on October 23 at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) by TATT and the Ministry of Education.

The total cost of the devices, including Internet enablement, is T$15,144,975. This cost is covered by TATT through its Universal Service Fund (USF). The USF is prescribed in the Telecommunications Act and is made up of a percentage of TATT revenues and contributions from providers of public telecommunications services in T&T.