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Police are searching for a man who shot a Penal technician dead after following him to his friend’s house, on Tuesday night.

Investigators said around 11 pm, they received a distress call that gunshots were heard at Mathura Avenue, Penal. When they got there, they found Karl Callender, 39, of Charlo Village, Penal, dead with a gunshot wound to the neck.

Callender’s friend Bharath Ramdeen told police that Callender came to his home and asked if he could take a shower. But as Callender entered Ramdeen’s house, the gunman wearing dark clothing and a ski mask started firing.

Ramdeen jumped out of a window and fled upon hearing the gunshots. Other neighbours called the police.

When the officers, led by Inspector Jones, arrived the gunman was gone.

Callender was found lying dead, slumped against a wall on the western side of the premises. He was bleeding from a gunshot wound to the neck. Investigators recovered seven spent shells at the scene of the murder.

Anyone with information on this murder can call Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS.

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