A 19-year-old boy from Maracas, St Joseph was held by police after officers found 2.15 kilos of marijuana in a knapsack he was carrying. The following is a press release from the TTPS:

A 19-year-old boy of Guarrata Village, Maracas, St Joseph, is today in police custody for possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. During the hours of 9am and 12 noon today, officers of the Maracas/St Joseph Police Station, conducted a roving anti-crime exercise along Maracas Royal Road, Maracas, St Joseph. Upon reaching Guarratta Village, officers observed a boy placing several block-shaped packages into a knapsack.

The boy noticed the officers and ran in the opposite direction causing a chase to ensue. Officers apprehended the boy a short distance away. A search of the knapsack revealed four block-shaped packages wrapped in plastic. Inspection of the packages revealed a quantity of marijuana amounting to 2.15 kilos. The marijuana was seized and the boy was arrested and conveyed to the Maracas/St Joseph Police Station. He is expected to be charged later today. The exercise was spearheaded by ACP Andy Belfon, Snr Supt Ramdeen, Supt Montrichard, ASP Coggins and Insp Beepat and was supervised by Sgt Singh Sgt (Ag) Straker and Cpl Griffith. PC Tannis is continuing enquiries.