Bill Walkingshaw, Managing Director, TEMS International. (Image courtesy TEMS International)

TEMS International, a leading provider of environmental management and compliance services to oil and gas exploration and production companies, has been awarded a major contract for work in offshore Trinidad and Tobago, expected to last between 12 and 18 months.

A release issued today by the company says the project got underway in early September 2020, and TEMS International “will be providing its continuous environmental compliance and drilling performance management services onboard two rigs in the waters off T&T”. 

“TEMS International engineers will work alongside rig personnel to ensure drilling operations adhere to—or surpass—local environmental regulations, while also improving the efficiency of drilling operations,” the statement explains.  “This can reduce drilling fluid usage and waste, provide significant cost savings—sometimes major six-figure sums—and contribute to a decrease in the carbon footprint of the drilling asset.”

The contract reportedly is with a major international oil and gas E&P (exploration and production) company and is worth a high six-figure sum.

Bill Walkingshaw, TEMS International managing director, in acknowledging the work of both his offshore and onshore teams on the project despite the COVID-19 pandemic, said they will help protect the Caribbean marine environment.

“The Caribbean region is an area where the oceans and seas are an important resource for the island communities,” Walkingshaw observed.  “The services we are delivering on this project will help to protect the environment around the islands by improving efficiencies, reducing waste and ensuring compliance with local environmental legislation.  In turn, this can contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions, further helping the environment.”

He added:  “Improving efficiencies also assists in reducing the cost of drilling and can deliver substantial financial savings over the life of a well.  The scale of savings varies from well to well, though we have saved clients in the region of £600,000 per well, on a number of projects.”

TEMS International was founded in 2017, and is headquartered in Aberdeen, with offices in Houston and Kuala Lumpur.  It is an independent oil and gas service company focused on managing and improving the performance and compliance of drilling systems.  It works around the world supporting exploration and production companies during drilling operations. 

More specifically, the firm’s services cover environmental rig and vessel audits, drilling fluid systems performance management, environmental compliance and drilling waste performance management. 

TEMS International’s personnel operate as an integral part of clients’ drilling teams in order to reduce drilling costs, ensure legislative compliance and improve environmental performance.