Secretary of Education, Innovation, and Energy Marslyn Melville -Jack says 252 students in the Tobago school system have dropped out of the virtual learning classrooms.

She said speaking at the post-Executive Council media briefing on Wednesday.

She told reporters the Education Division’s Student Support Unit reported that principals and teachers referred 183 students experiencing academic challenges.

The challenges ranged from lack of home supervision to absenteeism, she said.

“Provisional data from school revealed that at the secondary level, a total of 122 students are assumed to have dropped out and 130 students at the primary level,” she told reporters.

She said the Student Support Unit intervened, and some students returned to the classroom. Asked how many had returned, she said the information was not readily available but promised to send it soon in a news release.

Asked whether the division has assessed the effectiveness of the online classes that began in September 2020, Melville-Jack said there is “constant assessment.”

” The Student Support Unit, as well as the Curriculum Unit, are constantly assessing the situation. They have been sitting in classes and working with teachers and students every day.”

Reporter: Camille McEachnie