Kelvon Morris

The Tobago House of Assembly(THA) assemblyman Kelvon Morris, who boasted on social media that he was due to take the  Astra-Zeneca COVID-19 vaccine on April 6, said he did not take it.

In a release, he came out swinging at Guardian Media, accusing media personnel of having “personal agendas.”

On April 6, the day of the roll-out of the Astra-Zeneca across the nation, media personnel were told Health Secretary Tracy, Davidson-Celestine, Infrastructure Secretary -Kwesi Des Vignes, and assemblyman Kelvon Morris were to be vaccinated that day.
On April 6, Morris posted on his social media:” True Story: Getting ready to take the vaccine, then boom, No water to shower! If not God…” He deleted the post.
Based on his post and information to the media, Guardian Media reached out to him asking if he had received the vaccine.

He replied: “I do not understand why me being vaccinated is a problem because Tobago has a policy where anyone young or old can be vaccinated on the TRHA app.”
He said he registered on April 7.

When asked repeatedly about his deleted status, he did not answer.
Told of the Government’s statement that the 3,000 vaccine doses sent to Tobago were for frontline workers and the elderly, he said the Government was clear that the first batch in March was for frontline workers.
Asked if he had applied through the TRHA’s vaccination registrations App, he said:” Anyone can register.”

Reporter: Loyse Vincent