Flashback: A backhoe removes debris from demolished Crown Point property already paid for by the Government in preparation for the ANR Robinson Airport Development Project.

The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) says it has stopped construction of houses on State lands at Shirvan Road, Mt. Pleasant.

The land was allocated to Crown Point residents affected by the ANR Robinson Airport expansion project.

According to a statement from the Office of the Chief Secretary, residents began construction in the 60-parcel $30 square foot 10,000-15,000 parcels, although they did not pay for the lands.

The residents “violated the terms and agreement” of the Shirvan Land Development, the release added.

It also said residents should not have begun construction until they had settled individual land agreements with the State for their Crown Point lands.

They then had to report the settlement to the THA’s Airport Relocation Secretariat and get a letter of offer for their lands, which they were to respond to in 45 days, the release added.

Once an agreement was reached, the residents were required to pay a deposit of 50 per cent for the lands, the release added.

The THA said it is willing to work with the residents to resolve the matter and would deal with them individually.