The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) will prioritise students who would be allocated devices for online learning.

Speaking at the post-Executive Council news conference yesterday, Secretary for the Division of Education, Innovation and Energy Kelvin Charles said, students who receive financial assistance would be among those who would be given priority

“Students who rely solely on printed packages as the only means of home-based learning will also be given priority. Students who are engaged at this time using cell phones, because they have no other choice, as well as in households there are multiple students, this will also be taken into consideration” he said.

Charles said, a Trinidad-based company won the bid and was selected to provide 4,000 devices to the THA at the cost of $7 million but an issue with foreign exchange has caused a delivery delay for the company

“Fulfillment of the order is taking a little longer than we all anticipated. I’m advised that 75 per cent of the devices are at a warehouse in Miami and that the company that won the bid is awaiting foreign exchange to pay for these devices. Once that is done, these devices would be shipped to us and we can then begin the process of distribution,” he said.

Charles thanked all stakeholders who donated several devices to Tobago schools to foster online learning, including banks, credit unions, State enterprises, security companies, Internet providers, alumni associations and religious organisations.