You’ve got to admire the brains that run this country. So four people are sitting at home playing cards, none wearing a mask, and that’s okay. Two of them decide to go to the grocery to get a few items. They are now in their car, most likely further apart than when they were playing cards. But they could be charged a hefty fine for not wearing a mask.

What is the rationale? According to our brilliant AG Faris Al Rawi, the police won’t be able to distinguish between persons (family and friends) in their private car and those in a PH taxi. And this virus is so super-smart, it can tell whether you’re related or not and beware if you’re in a P vehicle and you’re not related! Of course, the virus (which no one has isolated or shown to exist) can easily tell the difference between private and vehicles for hire. It can read number plates!

Surely a virus to be feared.

The virus needs to tell us, via the officials, how close a relation you have to be without having to worry about it infecting you (brothers, sisters, first cousins?).

It’s this kind of illogical nonsense that makes you wonder at the intellectual capacity of those who sit in Parliament and the Senate and to whom all this makes perfect sense.

A. Charles

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