Congratulations to Minister Clarence Rambharat on his reappointment to the Ministry of Agriculture.

I believe that the Minister is on the right path in that he recognizes that both production and productivity hinge on the issue of land. Indeed spatial planning is seminal to all human activity.

Our country is admirably poised to capitalize on these attributes but unfortunately since 1956 our decision makers have not had the will to sustainably fund and develop successful R&D initiatives.

There are several examples like the work done in areas such as in cocoa (flavor), fruits & vegetables (passion fruit, pineapples, mangoes, avocados,pepper), water buffalo, the Tobago hair sheep & related reproductive processes contingent on development and support of the facilities at the Blenheim, Hope Reproductive Center. Related activities that can also contribute to exports would include semen for artificial insemination and ova from selected stock etc.

Should we as a nation set ourselves some specific and quantifiable objectives supported by sustainable levels of inputs (human, physical,and financial) we can make a significant global impact if properly branded and marketed.