It is evident that the world is evolving into a new and different way. This evolution is taking multiple forms and one of the more serious paths is the situation in the United States of America and those who control the behaviour of their administration.

The Republicans, led by President Trump, are very committed to accusing the other candidate and the Democrat Party, led by Biden/Harris, of being the instruments of this new era and of a different reality. I note that the only defence guilty persons’ have is accusing someone else of the very wrong they are doing.

A clear and objective review of the Donald Trump’s policies over the last four years indicate that he has his own understanding of morality and his pretence to be a leader is clouded by his shouting and his issuing of executive orders.

In this way he instils fear within his own administration, and he attempts to make people believe that he is in charge. He has no real authority other than that of his presumed money and his affirmation from persons who are sworn enemies of the free world.

His administration is riddled with a total disregard for human life (despite his lip service against abortion). His treatment of: persons who have been in prison for a short while or for a long time who are dangers to society; his treatment of children whom he either locks up on the border or insists that they go to school; his total disregard of migrants and refugees (seeking a better way of life) his treatment of persons who present him with truth, (dismissing them from Office) his xenophobic attitude that finds resonance with a few of his citizens as evidenced in the way he treats Hispanic, Asians, Blacks, and all persons different from him; and his silent support of the white supremacist movement.

President Trump is a danger to human life: to civilization and to genuine progress not only of America but of the free world. He is not able to understand himself and rather than looking within himself he points his finger to others whom he accuses of the faults he cannot face within himself; it is a means of distraction.

I am thoroughly amazed that leading Catholic officials seem to be blinded by his demonic influence and pretend that he is a “saviour to the American People and probably the world”

President Trump has NOT offered any real leadership that is rooted in the values of Truth, Integrity, and Compassionate concern for the welfare of the American People. He continues to undermine basic institutions in the American Society (and the various major world organizations NATO, WHO, UN etc) so much that he relishes in the disunity that he has sown among the American people.

This type of leadership is what he emulates in societies that were enemies of the Free World. He has deliberately befriended these leaders against the advice of competent security officials serving his own country. These countries have been sworn enemies not only of America BUT also of the stability of world civilization and rather than befriend them he should be engaging in diplomatic conversations conducted by the proper authorities in his country.

America, with all its previously arrogant and colonial attitudes towards the rest of the world is now living as a colony of Russia and its allies. There have been growing signs that America is losing its grip on managing its own internal and foreign affairs and is allowing the New World Order to merely march along.

The one hope for the American people and for the Free World is to move away from the Trumpism that is characterising the politics of the New World Order. We must be aware of the dishonest language which seeks to present the alternative into the demon. But the real demon is the one that resides in the present administration.

It is my humble desire that on November 3, 2020, the American people will do away with the deceit of the present administration and seek a fresh mandate to return morality, integrity, and humanity into the White House.

Parish Priest

St Benedict’s, La Romaine