The Councillor for Munroe Road/Caroni Savannah Road on the Chaguanas Borough Council is appealing to those stealing manhole covers to get scrap metal materials, to cease and desist, as they are jeopardising the safety of citizens.

According to Councillor Adrian Shazad Ali, thieves struck between Monday 12th and Friday 16th October 2020, at several different locations in the Borough: Jerningham Junction Road, Charlieville, School Lane Munroe Road, and Endeavour Main Road.

“We realised during the week that six manhole covers at Jerningham and three at Munroe Road had gone missing,” the Councillor reports in a release. “This has certainly not been the first instance of such an incident, since earlier in the year it was seen that five were stolen and had to be replaced.”

A frustrated Councillor Ali added: “I’m so disappointed with the perpetrators that they would jeopardise the lives of residents for their own selfish needs.”

The Munroe Road/Caroni Savannah Councillor points out not only are the brazen thefts a safety hazard to citizens, they also are inconvenient and costly to the Borough.

“When these covers are stolen for scrap metal it can cost the Chaguanas Borough Corporation approximately $1,000 per cover to be replaced,” Councillor Ali explains.

“At a time where the Corporation is experiencing budget constraints and lack of funding, citizens are adding to the stresses of carrying out jobs and services effectively and efficiently,” he added.