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The last remaining member of the Police Service Commission (PolSC) is expected within the next 24-48 hours, according to reliable sources. The resignation on Friday of Dr Susan Craig-James, which left the PolSC without a quorum, followed a meeting last week at which members raised objections to how the acting Police Commissioner was sent on leave. There were concerns that proper procedure was now followed.

Under Section 122 of the Commission, the PolSC consists of a chairman and four members but early last week one of its members, Courtney McNish, resigned allegedly over the way the PolSC’s Chairman Bliss Seepersad had handled the suspension of Griffith. McNish, sources said, was “unhappy” about how Seepersad handled the suspension of Griffith. This left the Commission on the brink of collapse.

The ongoing debacle was triggered by a legal dispute in which Griffith was allegedly suspended by the PolSC. This in turn led Griffith to file a lawsuit claiming the Commission’s decision to suspend him, based on an investigation into allegations of corruption related to the issuance of firearm user’s licenses (FULs), was arrived at unfairly. He is also claiming his rights to natural justice and protection of the law, under the Constitution, were breached.

Legal sources told Guardian Media that over the last few days Griffith’s legal team had been working on a settlement agreement with the PSC.

A source indicated that Roger Kawalsingh is writing his letter of resignation and is expected to hand it to President Paula Mae-Weeks by tomorrow or by the latest Tuesday.

“It seems that he will be resigning by all accounts,” a source told Guardian Media.

Reports are that Kawalsingh will not only tender his resignation but explain in his letter “all the concerns raised” surrounding this controversy. Another source added that Kawalsingh is adamant about protecting his name.

President Paula Mae-Weekes had written to Kawalsingh asking how confidential information in the suspension letter meant only for the eyes of the PolSC members were leaked in an email to former commissioner Gary Griffith. Kawalsingh declined to comment on the issue.