Two men and a woman were arrested by police for various offences including assaulting police officers. The two men were arrested after police officers saw them standing along a roadway in Golconda at around 10:40pm. The following is a press release from the TTPS:

Two men and one woman were arrested in the Ste Madeline district for offences including assaulting officers, breaching the curfew regulations and use of obscene language.

AVIN RAMOUTAR, 23 of Harmony Hall Road, Gasparillo and PREM BUCHOON, 40 of Fifth Company, Princes Town, were arrested for breach of curfew, KIMBERLY SAMUEL, 27 of Bueno Intento Road, Princes Town was arrested for assaulting an officer, use of obscene language and breach of curfew.

At approximately 10:40pm on September 25th, officers of the St. Madeline Police Station, were on patrol along Church Street, Golconda, when they observed a group of persons standing along the roadway. As the police vehicle approached, many of the persons ran in different directions. The officers stopped and informed two of the men of the offence they were committing and the men attempted to run.

The officers gave chase and were successful in apprehending the men. WPC Sutherland apprehended Ms Samuel who attempted to assault an officer and allegedly used abusive language. The officers conveyed the persons to the Ste Madeline Police Station where charges were laid by Sgt Hosein of the Ste Madeline Police.

Ag Corporal Mohammed, WPC Sutherland, PC Bedasse later sought medical attention at the Princes Town Health Facility and were released. Enquiries are continuing.