L to R – 68-year-old ANTHONY SCOTT, 55-year-old RICHARD RAMBHAJAN, and 25-year-old SHERWIN SWAN, all of Ste Madeleine, have been charged with theft of TSTT cables. (Images courtesy TTPS)

Three men were arrested and charged by officers of the Southern Division early yesterday morning, after they were caught ‘red-handed’, in the Ste Madeleine district, stealing a quantity of cables owned by TSTT—the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago.

The accused are expected to appear before a San Fernando Magistrate today, to answer to the charges.

An official statement from the Police Service reports that officers were on patrol around 3:45am, on Wednesday 26th January 2022, when on reaching the Ste Madeleine Grounds, they observed a man standing on a ladder with a yellow hacksaw cutting a black cable attached to a wooden pole. The ladder was being held by another man, while a third man was standing nearby with a pair of bolt cutters in his hands.

The officers approached the men and informed them that the cables were being illegally obtained.

The men were arrested and personnel from TSTT were contacted.  The cable was identified as being 38 meters of 400 Pair TSTT Aerial Copper Cable.

The men, ANTHONY SCOTT, 68, RICHARD RAMBHAJAN, 55 and SHERWIN SWAN, 25, all of the Ste. Madeleine district, subsequently were charged with larceny of fixtures, by PC Boodram, on Wednesday 27th January 2022.

Cpl Rampersad and PC Bedassie assisted in investigations.