Police are investigating three separate murders that occurred less than three hours before the start of curfew, on Sunday night.

One of the victims has been identified 36-year-old Nikeisha Allen, who was stabbed by a female relative after an altercation during which it is alleged, she threw dirty water on her.

According to a police report, at about 6:30 pm police officers responded to a report of a fight at Simeon Road, Petit Valley.  On arrival at the scene, they met a man who told the officers his cousin, Nikeisha Allen, had been stabbed and that he and her brother, Kevon Allen, had taken her to the St James Medical Facility.

He also revealed that at 7:05 pm, Allen succumbed to her injuries while being treated.

Investigations revealed that at about 6:15 pm that evening, Allen and her female cousin were at home when they had an altercation. 

Reports are that the cousin was in the kitchen washing dishes and reportedly was washing a knife at the time Allen is said to have thrown dirty water on her. The cousin got annoyed, a struggled ensued and she stabbed Allen. The cousin was later detained by police.

Allen worked as a labourer at the Diego Martin Regional Corporation.

Valencia man found in drain

In Valencia, at about 8:15 pm, 51-year-old Alvin Jones of Plantation Road, Valencia, was found lying face-up over a box drain on the western side of the roadway, approximately 60 feet from Lp. No. 26.

Upon closer observation, police officers saw what appeared to be stab wounds under Jones’ left arm.

DMO Dr. Cordice visited the scene, viewed the body, made the pronouncement and ordered its removal for a postmortem at the Forensic Science Centre. 

Shooting incident in Santa Cruz

Meanwhile, at about 9 pm in Santa Cruz, 42-year-old Winston Dennie (also called “Shakka”), was gunned down at his home at Moraldo Trace, Sam Boucaud, Santa Cruz.

Another man, 38 years was also wounded in that shooting incident.

Police said at about 9 pm, officers received a report of a shooting at Moraldo Trace, Sam Boucaud, Santa Cruz.  On arrival at the scene, they met and interviewed a man who reported that at about 9 pm, he walked inside after liming outside of his house but did not close the door behind him.

Upon entering the house, he heard his uncle say, “Gunmen in de yard.” 

He went and told his father about the gunmen. 

By that time, two armed men had entered the house. One of the men wore a red rag over his head, with a black mask covering his face and he was armed with a handgun, while the second man had his face uncovered. 

Reports are the first gunman ordered them to get down on the floor; however, Dennie refused and got into a scuffle with the one of the gunmen in an attempt to disarm him.

The gunmen then fired several shots, hitting him about his body and wounding another man.

Dennie ran out of the house and collapsed in the yard. The gunmen ran away through a nearby track and escaped.

Both shooting victims were taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) where Dennie was pronounced dead on arrival at about 9:35 pm. 

The other wounded man was reported to be in a stable condition at the EWMSC with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Crime scene personnel processed the scene and retrieved six 9mm spent shell casings, five projectiles and other items of evidential value.

Based on information received, officers of the North Eastern Division Task Force arrested three men who were hiding in close proximity to the crime scene. 

Investigations are continuing.