Gunmen went on a shooting rampage on Tuesday night in Arima shooting three people, including two teenagers.
The victims are ages 24, 17 and 15 years.
According to a police report, at about 9.15 pm the 17-year-old was allegedly ‘abducted’ by a group of men and taken to Hilltop Drive, Arima where they allegedly questioned him and shot at him before fleeing the scene.

Police said the 24-year-old told them that he was to the back of his home at La Retreat Road, smoking a cigarette, when he approached by a gunman and shot.
The 15-year-old told police he was liming in front a shop in the vicinity of River Valley Road, when he was shot “apparently for no reason.”

The three separate shootings are believed to be connected as police said the three were shot within minutes of each other and around the same area.
All three victims are currently warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope.
Cpl Ramdhanie is continuing inquiries.

Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat