Flashback: Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall and musician Juliet Robin.

Former MP for Caroni East Dr Tim Gopeesingh has described Dennis ‘Sprangalang’ Hall as a cultural icon on his Facebook site.

He said “I’m truly saddened to hear of the passing of local cultural icon Dennis ‘Sprangalang’ Hall. I express my deepest condolences to his wife, family, friends and loved ones.

“He blazed onto the nation’s cultural landscape nearly 40 years ago and changed the face of local comedy and culture indelibly, and ultimately, for the better.

“A true trailblazer, this brilliant son of a top former national educator created an alter ego of a comical ‘Spranger’–a common, somewhat ubiquitous loafer in local parlance–to reach the ordinary Trinbagonian man/woman.”

He said through this immensely funny, unique, lovable and beloved ‘Every TriniMan’ persona, Hall embodied satire, irony and critical thinking at its artistic best, via his hilarious, memorable and truly enduring performances.

Gopeesingh said these were often defined by his insightful social and political critiques stamped with his specially created catchphrases, many of which endured to this day as a definitive part of our Trini dialect.

He said in so doing, Hall spoke to the people in a voice all could truly identify with and learn from, made more significant by the fact that it emerged during a time when preservation and promotion of the ordinary man’s national voice was of paramount importance to citizens’ significant national aspirations of truly becoming a united people and nation.

Gopeesingh said Sprangalang introduced an entire generation of Trinbagonians to satire, irony and critical thinking when it came to how they should view their cultural, political and social landscape, especially during some of the worst socio-economic periods as a nation.

He said Hall reaffirmed then and now that Trinbagonian’s special and instinctive penchant for laughter and picong as a national trait can truly get them through anything they faced as a people.

Gopeesingh said his noble legacy to this end will endure for generations to come.

Describing Hall as a great, pioneering patriot, he said he was owed a debt of eternal gratitude for “sharing his great talent and God-given, unmatched wit, intelligence and keen insight with citizens so faithfully through the decades.”

Gopeesingh said, “May God grant comfort to his wife and loved ones during this time of grief, and may his soul rest in eternal peace.”