There is a school of thought that life has its own way of rehearsing and producing its true self. This spiral effect has long been a platform for change which has now positioned itself for the inclusion of COVID-19. Who would have thought that such an astonishing event, which is now casting an equal format, was once troubling and unable to cope with the evolution that is taking place.

It is time that the world of progress, as far as the elderly and disabled are concerned, be placed in the hands of the younger generation so that continuity will flourish in a normal way or pattern.

Looking at the path that is developing, a grey cloud is hovering over the future of the elderly and disabled and the only way to solve this lurking problem is to ensure that the hands of the younger folks are willing to place solid pillars into the growth of hope.

Talk will only soften the way forward, but action will cement all the hard work that was done by those who paved the way for where we are today. In the past it seemed as if the ones in charge destroyed the hope for any positive moves that would keep up the drive of respect that took years to build in order to establish that these folks are equal in the sight of the Lord.

If the road to success is not kept in safe hands then all that was sacrificed for will come tumbling down with little or no hope in sight. Therefore, the proverbial baton must be passed to those who are properly trained and have the welfare of the cause at heart, in a manner that is not only for financial gain but as a vocation.

The time is now to put down the pillars of a movement which needs serious collaboration and unity in order to save the elderly and disabled from doom. Society must lean towards encouraging the younger ones to take an interest in a vocation towards stewardship, so that the field of care for the elderly and disabled will be seen and known as a profession of worth.

Those of us who are on the podium embracing the sunset, remember that you are the engineers and contractors who will ensure that the pillars are well placed so that in the event of turbulence the foundation will not crumble or be destroyed. The objective is to protect the vulnerable at this stage of their lives and assure them of their worth.

There was a time when planning a better future for the elderly and disabled was considered taboo but the reality of COVID-19 has turned the global pictures into a live show. No more must we as a society keep fooling ourselves and saying that things will work out—just wait and see. We have to revisit our way of planning and place more emphasis on getting the younger generation involved so that the future of our elderly and disabled population will be in good hands.

It must be a delight when you can sit and watch the work of a better life for the elderly and disabled moving in the direction of prosperity and it is being carried out by the younger generation. This will only happen if the umbrella effect takes its rightful place in society and we all come together as one so that we can all leap forward.

COVID-19 has reshaped the world in its actions and the way we think and feel about life. No longer can we underestimate anything or anyone. As a matter of fact, the scale of life has now balanced itself. The playing field is now level. A concerted effort must now be made to curb the ills that are perpetrated against those who are elderly and disabled. Society now has the opportunity to work with these folks as they are part of a life in which, for a very long time, they were treated with dismay.

COVID-19 has introduced a disability of its own in a strange way. By this I mean that you are restricted and curtailed from any movement and unable to express affection.

To the ones who are about to receive the proverbial baton, keep in mind that your job is to tenderise the future so that when your turn comes you will not be unprepared and saying “if I had known.” Stay focused and remember that things get a little easier once you understand.

Wash your hands, wear your mask and apply social distancing,

In the spirit of growth